The New Normal

Work In Progress

Initial parts of the project were conceived under the residency programme Reimagining The Family Portrait at Chennai Photo Biennale supported by the Franco-German cultural fund.

India, for the most part, is a patriarchal society. The traditional family unit has dramatically evolved in recent humankind history, and so have the roles of women within the familial ecosystem, and the society-at-large. The project explores the re-imagining of a family portrait with inspiring matriarchal figures encompassing but not limited to single mothers, working mothers, women who choose to adopt, women who choose not to have kids, families without fathers. Seeking answers to questions like, “What is the 21st-century family portrait?”, “What is the future of the family?”

Sadhana Virkar is a native of Mumbai, India and she recognises that her individuality extends beyond her identity as a mother, and a wife. She’s a woman of faith and is driven by her passion for fitness, she runs marathons, goes on long treks, and with pride showcases her laurels in the living room of her beautiful home.

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