India is the second largest producer of rice in the world, the problem of waste generated (rice-stubble/parali) after cutting the yield is a problem that has taken news spotlight in many parts of the country in the form air pollution.

As part of this project, we spent 5 day in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in an attempt to understand the challenges faced by rice farmers, and potential intervention that EU’s Resource Efficiency Initiative (EU-REI) could provide in the implementation of the United Nations global sustainable consumption and production.

This short film promotes and builds awareness on ECOR Global's material value chain, a Netherlands-based enterprise that uses secondary raw materials for making products. Leftover rice stalks, a waste generated in the processing of rice could become a secondary raw material used to make an array of products.

Client: ECOR
Director/Editor/Concept: Saransh Sugandh
DP: Abhishek Anupam
Production: In Vaarta Communications
The project was funded by European Union.

Shot as part of my personal exploration into narrative storytelling and working with moving images. 
Talent: Avi Upadhayay
Soundtrack: M83’s Wait

Product description video shot for FLX, Decathlon Sports India. Introducing the 900PoloUV-LB range for whiteball cricket.
Talent: Indian cricketer Shivil Kaushik